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What is Mortgage Insurance and Mortgage Protection

Your home is your biggest investment.  Taking out a mortgage on that home can be scary.  What would happen if the primary breadwinner becomes disabled or dies?  Will your family have enough money for mortgage payments each month?

Mortgage Protection Insurance gives you insurance on mortgage to cover this potential financial disaster.  You can get life assurance with this coverage when you first buy your home, refinance or when you feel it is needed.

With Mortgage Protection Insurance your loved ones can pay off the mortgage when you die, but it can also include other benefits:

  • Disability Income - pay your monthly mortgage payment if you can't work due to illness or injury
  • Unemployment Insurance - makes your premium payment if you are laid off (not available in all states)
  • Return of Premium - refunds 100% of your premium if the benefits are not used by the end of the term period.

Reverse Mortgage Protection

Reverse Mortgage Protection Insurance allows you to make sure that your reverse mortgage will be repaid when you pass away.  This can help you make sure that your wishes come true and your family may inherit one of the families greatest jewels........




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